Now let’s begin

Hi blogosphere,

I’d be lying if I wrote that this is my first attempt at starting up a blog. It isn’t. In fact, I’ve attempted this quite a few times – as most communications students are encouraged to do – but it’s never really stuck. In the past, whenever I was hit with the sudden urge to create a blog, I would initially be so enthusiastic about spreading my thoughts that I would mentally jot down various different ideas for blog posts. Then when it came time to actually name my blog, my mind would turn up blank. You see, when you name your blog it’s best to name it something simple (or so Google tells me), but which nevertheless reflects a specific theme common to the posts. It’s at this point that I would revisit my mind and try to find a common thread across all my musings and I would realise that all I had was a big ol’ mess. Regardless, I’m attempting this again. So here goes…

My name is Charisse. I’m 21. I live in Sydney. I’m a communications student and a firm believer in the power of communication. I also study law. I also bake choc chip cookies and I drink green tea. I enjoy watching what many people would call bad television and what others would praise as the best shows in the world. Same applies to movies. I wear glasses almost always and almost always have chronic bitch-face (this is real, see I don’t eat seafood because I feel like I’m eating the Little Mermaid’s friends and I don’t eat cucumbers just because they’re gross. I love bath bombs and face masks and candles and other girly stuff like that. I’ve also dropped my phone on my face while lying in bed one too many times. I type weirdly. And I occasionally fangirl over amazing novels and/or amazing abdominal muscles (see Ryan Gosling).

I am an observer of life, an idealistic realist. This blog is about wanting to share my myriad of thoughts about my world, and also about developing super strong typing-fingers.¬†Maybe I’ll even learn how to type like a normal person.


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