Beauty faves: LUSH

Over the past couple of months, during my many escapades to local and not-so-local shopping centres trying to find the perfect Christmas pressies for family and friends, I found myself increasingly drawn to LUSH stores and stalls. At first the sweet and floral aromas from their vibrantly coloured bath bombs would grab me and I’d have a quick browse. But then I started sampling testers and I was a goner (and so was my last pay check). I fell in love.

Since my first purchase of a face mask (Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask), I’ve bought quite a few other products which I can’t rave enough about. Not only do LUSH products provide excellent pampering buddies, but the company also takes a stance against animal testing and boasts of fresh, handmade products. So be prepared for some guilt-free pampering!

Here’s a list of my favourites (so far):

LUSH favourites

1. Bubblegum Lip Scrub 25g – $9.95

No joke, this stuff is like candy in a little glass pot. You just rub the scrub over your lips and va va voom! Nice and exfoliated. It’s so simple but it really works. And the best part isn’t even how soft it makes my lips – it’s the taste. Yep, that’s right. You can eat this. Well, technically you just need to lick the scrub off your lips but often I’m tempted to grab a teaspoon and eat it like dessert. Just pop some lip balm on after and you’re set. Who knew scrubbing off dead lip skin cells could be so fun?

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2. Oatifix Fresh Face Mask 75g – $16.95

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with flawlessly balanced skin and non-existent looking pores. Rather, I have an annoying combination of dry (with occasional flakiness) and oily (not like an oil spill, but there’s a definite sheen on my T-zone after an hour – especially during summer). Needless to say, I wanted a mask that would combat my dry patches. Oatifix did not disappoint. The salesperson told me I wouldn’t even need to use moisturiser afterwards, which had me a little sceptical, but he wasn’t lying. It’s extremely hydrating! This mask smells just like bananas (which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes), has nourishing almond milk and the mix of oats act as a gentle exfoliant. Win, win. I do still follow up with my regular night cream afterwards, but I don’t think it’s completely necessary.

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3. Eau Roma Water 100g – $9.95

The lavender in this toner provides a very relaxing experience without having an overpowering scent. It helps to prepare my skin for my moisturiser by removing any excess makeup missed by the cleansing process and providing some additional hydration – as most toners claim to do. I wouldn’t say this toner is a miracle worker on its own, but toners aren’t really designed to be. Nevertheless now that I’ve used this I won’t be able to go back to my days where I neglected toner from my skincare regimen. I love, love this product!

Eau Roma Water

4. Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic 180g – $5.95

One of my best friends (check out her blog here) bought me this bath bomb as part of my Christmas present, and I am so grateful for her because of it. This is why I keep her around (plus she also feeds me baked goods). It’s impossible not to feel spoilt when you’re in your bath tub with this toffee-apple fragranced delight. As soon as you place it in the water it starts to fizz up in a way which makes you grab your phone to take a video for later Instagram posting (just make sure not to drop it in the water!). But the real fun begins when the colour inside the ballistic starts to come out. Whilst the surface of the Fizzbanger is yellow, inside is a bright blue which seeps out after a little wait. Expect to never want to leave the tub.

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Well, these are my recommendations. Try them out!


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