Rose Gold and Tortoiseshell: Accessories I Can’t Leave the House Without

When I was younger I never used to bother with accessories. I was the person who preferred to spend my money on pretty clothes rather than on rings or bracelets which I thought would often go unnoticed.

But now I’ve developed a love for the finer details. Nowadays, leaving my house without my watch or my earrings has me feeling naked for the rest of the day. I feel incomplete.

So I figured I’d share my most adored accessories. Here they are:


1. Sportivo Timepiece in Rose Gold – $249.00
This is easily my most beloved accessory and has been ever since I received it as a gift for my 20th birthday. The colour is more of a copper than a rose gold, which I happen to adore because it’s a little different to the majority of rose gold watches out there. Plus, I’m not a major fan of the very pink shades that you get in cheaper brands. This watch is part of the ‘Mimco Loves’ collection so unfortunately it doesn’t seem to ever go on sale, but I definitely think it’s worth it. It’s understated and classic which means it will complement virtually every outfit. Hands down, my favourite.

2. Mini Crystal Dome Studs in Rose Gold – $39.95
These were also a gift, albeit one which I hand-picked (as are items 1 and 3 on this list – what can I say? Some people need a push in the right direction). I mainly chose these because they beautifully complement my Sportivo watch, but I’ve come to appreciate them on their own as well. These are perfect for everyday use, with just the right amount of bling to add some sparkle to an outfit without looking like you’re going to the opera. On the few occasions I forgot to wear these earrings I found myself dejectedly tugging at my naked earlobes every 10 minutes.

3. Infinity Rose Gold Bracelet – $27.00
Wanderlust + Co
I adore this brand. Their petite and detailed pieces have me clicking through the site bookmarking virtually every page. There’s just something special about the infinity sign though which made me particularly attached to this bracelet. I also have the Arrow Petite Rose Gold Bracelet which I tend to alternate with the Infinity bracelet. One thing’s for sure, these two will not be my last purchases from Wanderlust + Co. I already have my eyes set on a bangle.

4. C. DINNIGAN 05 in Tortoiseshell – $199.00
Collette Dinnigan for Specsavers
Whilst I’ve been known to forget to wear the other items on this list, I can’t say I’ve ever forgotten to wear these – mainly because to do so would render me blind for the entire day (really, I’d most likely get hit by a bus within 5 minutes of leaving my driveway). But while I share a love-hate relationship with this accessory – hate because they’re a constant reminder of my lack of 20/20 vision; love because they’re super comfortable, not to mention trendy – I can’t deny that I’m incredibly attached to my glasses. The times I’ve taken my glasses off only to lose them because I can’t see anything (oh, the irony) have taught me not to take them for granted.

What are your everyday accessories? Tell me what makes you feel naked!


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