Summer Style: Nail Colours

Sydney has been battling quite a number of heat waves this summer and as someone who loves to pile on layers of clothing and sit in front of the heater with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, I have to admit that I miss winter. That said, I do show off my wrist-watch tan line with pride and I do crave visits to the beach – what kind of Aussie would I be if I didn’t do these things?!

So in honour of this sunny, sweat-inducing season I thought I’d share the two nail polish shades I’ve had on rotation since the beginning of Summer.

1. Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in ‘White On’
Sally Hansen

To be honest, I’ve had this on rotation since before summer. I am crazy in love (cue trumpets and Beyonce strutting her stuff down the street) with white nails and have been for a while. But there’s something extra special about white nails in summer. My natural complexion is reasonably fair, however during the hotter months I tend to tan slightly just from stepping outside my front door. White nails bring out this tan beautifully and can complement almost every outfit. It feels amazing being able to throw on pretty much anything each morning without worrying my nails might clash with the colour of my shirt.

I like to use Sally Hansen’s nail polish because it’s quite opaque and very affordable. I only need to apply two coats and I’m set!

White nails

2. Salon Formula Mini Nail Polish in ‘She Bangs’
Chi Chi

If you’re not feeling the monochrome trend that I’m currently obsessed with and you want something a little more bright and colourful, this nail polish is definitely worth trying. I currently have more red nail polishes than I will ever need, but I always find myself coming back to ‘She Bangs’. It has to be my favourite red shade at the moment. It’s a very vibrant colour and is definitely a warmer tone of red (it appears as an orange-red in some lighting). Unlike the white nail polish, this one screams summer! It’s fun and flirty and perfect for a day in the sun.

Chi Chi’s mini nail polishes are only $5.00 which is a MAJOR bargain compared to some other high-end brands out there. Again, I only need two shades of this because it’s so opaque. When it first dries it looks slightly matte, but after a while it has a reasonable shine. If you prefer really shiny nails you might want to apply a good top coat over this nail polish. Other than that, this one is a keeper!

Red nails

What nail polish shades are you currently obsessing over? As a self-proclaimed nail polish hoarder, I’d love to hear from you!


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