minnamurra beach, clouds, holiday, travel

Four Foodies in Minnamurra

What do you do when your sunny beach holiday turns into a rainy beach holiday?

Essentially, you have three options:

  1. Seeing the forecasts for heavy rainfall, you could cancel the trip,
  2. You could whinge about all the rain and spend a horrible 3 days whinging away from home, or
  3. You could make the most of your time away and just be grateful for the memories you’ll have with your best friends.

Of course, I opted for the latter.

Last month, my girlfriends and I spent two nights at a beautiful beach house in Minnamurra, just 10 minutes drive north of Kiama. We found this place on Airbnb and were blown away by its beautiful decor and magnificent location.

Despite it raining quite heavily the day we arrived and a light drizzle during our second day we managed to make the most of our time away from Sydney. Part of our second and third days at the beach house were spent in the water, a definite must given the house’s ideal waterfront location situated at the mouth of the Minnamurra River. The view we had was absolutely stunning.

That said, the trip wasn’t without its hiccups. Aside from the obvious annoyance of drizzle, I spent most of the first night in bed nursing a migraine – which has taught me never to leave home without a hefty supply of painkillers. But when life hands you lemons, you make the damn lemonade. And in addition to this metaphorical lemonade, my friends and I – being the self-declared foodies we are – made some pretty amazing meals.

Here are some of my favourite snaps from the trip.

pelican, boat, beach, minnamurra beach
Just outside the door was this view. Hello, pelican.
dinner, pizza, pasta, foodie, wine
Our first meal at the beach house, featuring: home-made prosciutto pizza, pesto pasta and garlic bread. Carbs everywhere.
breakfast, foodie
Our first breakfast, featuring: poached eggs, bacon, hash browns, avocado on toast and halloumi.
lamp chops, mojito, foodie
Lamb chops with mojitos on the side!
pelican, beach, minnamurra beach, holiday, scenic
Our pelican friend returned with two more friends.
minnamurra beach, scenic, beach, idyllic, holiday, dawn
Favourite shot from one morning. The view was breathtaking.
breakfast, foodie, minnamurra, beach, beach house
The sun came out in time for breakfast on our third day.

breakfast, foodie, minnamurra, beach house, holiday, pancakes

beach, summer, sun, holiday, minnamurra
The sun stuck around for a while.
Minnamurra Falls, holiday, waterfall
Finished our trip with a visit to Minnamurra Falls.

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